La Onda (the vibe or the wave) is a small project using a minimalist approach to produce wines of character from healthy vineyards.  The brand is inspired by my travels and work experience at Clos Saron, Scholium Project, Rogue Vine, Altos Las Hormigas, A Los Viñateros Bravos and Viñas Inéditas.  I've been fortunate to learn from some brilliant people with unconventional projects and am drawing from these experiences to create something that is my own.

My intention is to remove myself from the winemaking process as much as possible, eliminating unnecessary procedures and allowing the wine to run its course.  I favor diversity in the vineyard and cellar over reliance on chemicals and complete control.  

After a few years of purchasing grapes, I'm now farming around 7 acres of vineyard in the North Yuba AVA of the Sierra Foothills.  This is a dream scenario, collaborating and working shoulder to shoulder with friends who share the same ideas on farming.  We are working in the vineyard the only way we know how to: no chemicals, no irrigation and with the help of about 70 sheep.  This is a whole new challenge but one worth undertaking.  The education continues. 

Label art: Sophie Treppendahl
Original label photo: Marjorie Rozman
Back label: Matt Redmond